Talking About ExtJS in SevillaJS Meetup

I was talking about ExtJS in the SevillaJS meetup yesterday.

The talk was not really a talk but a 2 hours live coding session. I used this slides as an introduction to the coding. They are not self-contained, but I put them here only for the last slide… I love it :–)

After 15 minutes with the slides I started to code an ExtJS app from scratch:

  • Create the basic project layout using Sencha CMD.
  • Add a view component with two buttons.
  • Apply hbox layout.
  • Add a controller to manage the click event in one of the buttons.
  • Add a grid to load a JSON from server (people.json).
  • Add a Person model.
  • Add a People store.
  • And finally add a more complex action to reload the grid on click the sencond button.

In the last 20 minutes I showed how we are using ExtJS at ClinkerHQ, on Clinker Desktop to be precise.

The code I wrote during the session is in GitHub, if you want to take a look. It’s not runnable as is, you’ll have to copy the ExtJS distribution to a directory named “ext” in order to get it running. It’s a very simple example, but it could be useful for someone who is starting with ExtJS.